Is it hard to understand each other?

Sometimes, parents and children no longer know how to live together.


  • think the parents only ask questions related to school, and not how they’re doing;
  • believe people don’t take them seriously;
  • think that all parents can do is yell all the time, that parents are never satisfied;
  • would like parents to take interest in them.

Parents don’t understand:

  • their teenager doesn’t talk any more, and all of a sudden can’t stop talking;
  • a small comment and they slam the door of their room;
  • their daughter or their son screams instead of speaking. Parents feel they are not respected;
  • the teenager stops talking and closes up.

Open the discussion

The most important thing is to maintain an open communication. To talk about what is happening. Knock on the door and ask how they are doing. Enjoy moments together. For example, during meals, in the car, talk about everyday life, listen to them talk about their gaming experiences online. Teenagers love when people show interest in their passions, their music, and their games.