Risks for teenagers

Teenagers are in full physical and psychological development. This is why cannabis can cause them more problems than it does to adults. The younger one is, the greater the danger. The more one smokes, the greater the danger.

The brain develops mainly during the adolescence. Cannabis can have a negative effect on the brain: attention and memory decrease. The risks increase when one starts smoking from a very young age and in large quantities.

Cannabis can slow the learning process. One learns less well. One misses out on life experiences. One takes refuge in cannabis instead of learning to manage negative feelings. And one doesn’t learn how to feel better otherwise.

What does the law say?

With more than 1% of THC, cannabis is illegal. Smoking, as well as growing and selling cannabis is forbidden – forbidden and punishable. Private growing of cannabis plants is also forbidden, even if it’s for one’s own consumption.

Adults who smoke and are caught by the police receive a fine of CHF 100. Minor teenagers who smoke cannabis and are caught must also pay a fine. The parents and the juvenile court are informed. Often, young people are referred to a centre specialized in addiction. Sanctions and measures vary, depending on the age of the teenager and on how they are doing. They also vary if the teenager smokes often.

When an adult or a teenager carries a small amount (less than 10 g) of cannabis for their own consumption, they are not punished.

It is forbidden and punishable for one to drive after smoking cannabis.

With less than 1% of THC, cannabis is legal. Hemp products with a lot of CBD (cannabidiol) and little THC are sold legally nowadays. But we know little about the effects and the risks of CBD. We only know that CBD doesn’t cause any real inebriation.

If your child says they “only” smoke CBD, you must also act.  It’s hard to make the difference between legal and illegal weed. And CBD smoke also carries risks.