Early evening

Young people of age start their evening in a bar, in a park, in a square or at friends’ houses. These moments are very important to them. They help young people build their identity. These moments also meet certain needs: socialization, autonomy, learning and experimentation.

Attention! Studies show that if young people above the age of 18 drink alcohol at home before they leave, they drink more during the evening. Sometimes, they drink twice the amount of alcohol.

In clubs

Starting from the age of 18, certain young people love to go out to bars (or nightclubs). In these places, they discover new feelings, have fun and get loose. They also appreciate bars because they are dark and anonymous. The dance floor allows them to express themselves and have fun.

Generally speaking, they go out in a group that influences the way they’ll spend their evening. The group brings comfort and safety. To experiment pleasure, one must feel comfortable, confident and safe.

In bars or nightclubs, young people relax; they make contact easily, and, for a few hours, they forget everyday life, their studies and the rules imposed. They listen to nowadays music (techno, house, trap, bass, hip-hop) at high volumes. Young people go out in groups, but often dance alone. They are completely inhabited by the music. It’s sometimes a secondary state, a communion between body and mind.

Drugs are present in clubs. People do cocaine, ecstasy or cannabis to dance longer. One feels free, lighter, less tired, with feelings of escaping reality. Certain young people want to try drugs. They are very curious or attracted to this adult world. They want to test their limits and experience new things.

Safety rules during nights out

In the clubs or bars, people sell, exchange, do drugs, also called psychotropic substances. There are consumption rules. These are drug-related codes of conduct to abide by during nights out. These rules are well respected by party amateurs.

Give these basic pieces of advice to your daughter or to your son:

  • Go out using public transportations
  • Plan beforehand with whom and how you are going home
  • Stay in groups
  • Drink enough water
  • Never leave your glass out of sight
  • Go to the bathroom with a trusted friend
  • Ask help from bar employees or security agents in case of problems.